Simonas Kuliešis

Abstraction – the language using that painter Simonas Kuliešis can convey his expressions in the best way, also creating multi-layer interpretation space for the spectator. Notably important source of interpretations – nature and town, but not only as per their stating, as per convey of associations, philosophic meanings. Names of concrete places, rivers animals  are being found in paintings, but artist abstracts these as leaving the primary purified motive, so the abstraction delicately matches conditionaly realistic figures.

Creation of this young artist – homogenous: themes are recovering, borning eqach other in the supplementing in dependance of their actuality to the creator as one. So these are identified simply as per relation between classic abstract and nowadays painting, abstracted landscapes and multi-layer painting, maps views of towns can be seen in paintings of S. Kuliešis and these can foresee different experiences of time, takings and overcomings.